On-Site X-Ray Specialist In Queens Ny

X-rays are a type of imaging test that helps diagnose health problems. At New York Medical & Diagnostic Center in Queens NY, Our team offers on-site digital X-rays to ensure you get the right diagnosis and treatment plan to ease your painful condition. X-ray is also a teaching tool to help you understand your condition. For more information about the on-site X-ray, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.



What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is an imaging tool that uses a type of radiation to create pictures of the internal parts of your body. The images appear in varying shades of white, gray, and black, depending on the amount of radiation the body part absorbs.

Bones absorb the most radiation and appear white on an X-ray. Your soft tissues and fat absorb less radiation and appear gray on an X-ray image. Black images on an X-ray are open spaces filled with air, which absorb the least amount of radiation.

New York Medical & Diagnostic Center is a Integrated medicine practice that takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to health and pain. They offer on-site X-rays to ensure you get the most comprehensive evaluation and effective treatment plan.

New York Medical & Diagnostic Center uses digital X-rays that use significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays.

What are the benefits of an on-site X-ray?


Having an on-site X-ray machine is a valuable diagnostic tool that offers many benefits. When you come in for care at New York Medical & Diagnostic Center, the team conducts a comprehensive evaluation to fully understand your health concerns and goals.

On-site X-rays provide the team with objective data that might explain the underlying cause of your painful condition or health concern. The team uses this objective data to create the most effective treatment plan.

What happens during an on-site X-ray?


The team reviews what you can expect during your on-site X-ray at your evaluation. For the X-ray, you change into an exam gown and lie or sit on the X-ray table. The team then has you sit as still as possible and takes the necessary images using the digital X-ray machine.

On-site X-rays are painless and quick. No need to go to an imaging center or get your Primary Care doctor’s approval. We perform x-rays for an affordable fee.

What happens after an on-site X-ray?


With the on-site digital X-ray machine, the team sees the results of your imaging right away on a computer screen. They review the images and talk to you about their findings.

The New York Medical & Diagnostic Center team performs digital X-rays to help you fully understand your health condition and treatment needs.

On-site X-rays are a convenient and valuable diagnostic tool. To find out more about on-site X-rays at New York Medical & Diagnostic Center, call the office or book an appointment online today.



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